Sunday 2 July 2017

Captain's Day..and the winner is>

2017 Champion Brendan O'Connor (left) with Walter Reidy 3rd C3, John Morgan 1st C1 & Captain Michael O'leary
and below receiving the top prize. 
A combined total of 136 saw Brendan O'Connor win on a back 9 count back to runner up Robbie Meany.
Favorable weather conditions were spoiled by a late squall which caught the last 7 groups on the course. But it did not disrupt the Mountain men as the overall winner and 8 of the 9 class winners came through unscathed.
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Ciaran Colclough 2nd C1, Captain Michael, Don Deans 1st C2 & Micheal O'Sullivan

from left Ben Kearney , Captain Michael O'Leary,  Pat Butler     & Eoin Boggans Best Gross

Brian Cruise, Captain Michael, Eamonn Carroll & Paddy Dent 3rd C1

Brian Hendrick, Brian McNamara, Captain Michael & Nicky Mullen 1st C3
Richard Whealans, Captain Michael, Noel Quinn 2nd C3 & Noel Murphy