Friday 20 October 2023

Competition Conditions

From 20/10/23 

*Until Further notice* 

 Placing everywhere **Bunkers out of Play**

  • Treat all areas where the ground is disturbed by course works as GUR ( free drop off to nearest point of relief)   
  • The new Gazebos are immovable obstructions, free drop from stance or intended line of swing  (No line-of-sight relief).
  • If your ball is lost in Casual water (excluding penalty areas), take a free drop where you last crossed the margin of the water, keeping that point in line with the Flag, with no limit to how far back you drop.
  • A ball found within, or stance affected by, Casual water should be dropped to the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
  • A ball dropped in this winter period only ! can be then cleaned and placed anywhere on the course ( except Penalty areas, where it should be played as it lies)
  • Save the F/Ways is now an option, move ball to nearest rough, no nearer to the hole.

 Any new Competition/Conditions updates will be posted here thru the season


3 Ball Rumble

Apply Full Playing Handicap, as per sticker

Holes 1 to 6, mark the Best score on the card (Stableford points)

Holes 7 to 12 , Best 2 scores

Holes 13 to 18, Best 3 scores

   Please leave Rakes back inside Bunkers.

  • New Ponds are now staked, use relevant penalty area Rule. Note the scale of mixed Penalty area on 14th/7th in photo below. 




Scramble Stroke play, 1/6 combined Playing H/cap 

  •  Playing Handicap( = PH on Label), add up the 3  H/Caps and divide by 6.
  • All players Tee off ,select preferred ball, all play their own ball from that position. 
  • 5 Drives/tee shots from each team player must be used
  • For the purposes of this competition all players Place everywhere within 6 inches (except penalty areas).

  • If a team has only 2 players you will not be in the scramble, so sign in and Submit a Singles Scorecard as normal. 
  • No Placing if entering the standalone Stableford comp.

Click for Yellow Peril Rules


 Rules for Champagne Scramble:

  • Use Playing Handicap as per Howdidido label or App.
  • Players drive off. Team chooses which drive to play and marks it (all players can place). All team members play from this spot. and then finish out the hole with their own ball, in the normal Stableford manner.
  • 3 drives MUST be used from each player. Drives must be indicated on the scorecard by putting a circle around the player's score.

The best 2 scores are recorded (Stableford). The same applies to all other holes except the par 3’s.

On par 3’s: all players play their own ball from tee to green and then all 3 scores (stableford) are counted.


Wednesday 11 October 2023

Player of the year Gross/Nett 2023

 Congratulations to Sean Egan who wins this years Gross player of the year with a total of 56points, & also to Simon Mulroy on winning the Nett section with a score of 36pts

Player of the year points are allocated from position 1 to 10, 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd 9pts, etc.

Your best 6 results from the 7 X Medals + Capt's + President's count towards a Gross & Nett winner.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Oct Newsletter


BMGC News October 2023 4.10.2023

Dear Member,

Following October’s committee meeting I wish to send members an update from the committee in relation to forthcoming events, Inter club match play competitions, internal match play competitions, Facility improvements etc. Our job is to work on behalf of the members and to make your Butter Mountain Golf Club experience a very positive one.

Some Notices and upcoming events include. 

Saturday October 7th is our final monthly Medal of the year.

AGM will take place in the Old Mill on Tuesday October 10th .The Committee are asking that you make a special effort to attend. This is your opportunity to contribute and we need the views and ideas of the membership so we can work on your behalf.

o Nomination slips for Committee as well as motions to be put forward and voted upon are in the club and you can also email the above if you wish to The committee are always looking for assistance and fresh ideas and we would be delighted to hear from you.

GUI  Can I ask all new members to check their GUI APP to see how many competitions you have entered. Please ensure that you enter 20 competitions for the year as this will

o Ensure you are eligible to play Inter Club Competition

o Ensure you are eligible to win the BMGC Captain or Presidents day.

Fees  We are advised that the fees for 2024 will be  €650 which we believe represents great value

Course Improvements. All members can see the ongoing improvements and more recent work has concentrated on Pathways,drainage and Gazebo’s. This again demonstrates to us the owners commitment to on going enhancements.

Club Jerseys and Fleeces. Amanda has ordered the above and she expects delivery in October. Thank you to everybody who has ordered the above.

Wednesday opens are on going and it is a great opportunity to invite visitors to play for €15 and showcase the course. Ladies are most welcome.

The fixture list for the year on our public facing website link

There is a new Club website developed by the owners which will also assist us in centralising the messaging in time. If you have any suggestions for improvements the Ladies would love to hear from you

Sunday Golf  The Committee are continuously reviewing with the course how we best manage Sunday Morning Golf. We remind you to book well in advance to secure your booking on Sundays and we are really committed to getting increased activity on Sunday’s. The more activity we get on Sundays will increase our capacity for change. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Currently the members exclusive time is upto 8am but you may book 2 weeks in advance to reserve your preferred Tee Time. Please ensure you book in on the BRS slot and Howdidido. 

Whatsapp Group is a very efficient messaging system and thank to everyone for using it specifically for Club related activity. Can we please ask members to minimise the chatter on it and reserve them for private messages as appropriate. 

Communication with Committee 

If you have an issue or recommendation, we respectfully ask that you send a mail to and it will be addressed at or prior to the next committee meeting and responded to. We welcome feedback through this medium. The Whatsapp forum was never designed to tackle any issues with sensitivities attached so please use it for messaging, receiving club info and securing playing partners as required.

Keeping you informed.

David O’ Driscoll