Wednesday 5 April 2023

April Newsletter

 Dear Member,

Following April’s recent committee meeting I wish to send members an update from the committee

in relation to forthcoming events, Inter club match play competitions, internal match play

competitions, Facility improvements etc. Our job is to work on behalf of the members and to make

your Butter Mountain Golf Club experience a very positive one.

Some Notices for upcoming events include.

  •  Saturday April 22 nd There is a scramble scheduled for the captain (Dave O Driscoll) drive in

which is always great fun and we would like new members to play with more experienced

members so we can introduce ourselves to each other. Please don’t be shy and it is a great

way to find out more about the club and meet fellow members.

  •  Saturday April 29 th is the first Monthly Medal of the Season. Are you ready for Strokes?

  •  Wednesday opens commence on April 12 and it is a great opportunity to invite visitors to

play for €15 and showcase the course

  •  The fixture list for the year on our public facing website link

  • Inter Club competitions kick off this week with the Super Seniors. We wish Terry Kirwan &

the team the very best of luck.

  •  Notices will be placed in the dressing room in the next fortnight for you to put yourself

forward for selection for the other 3 teams listed below. The team managers will also Send a

Whatsapp message when they have posted the sheet up in BMGC.

please see our blog on which has all the criteria

required if you qualify to play on a team.

o Fred Perry for the over 55’s Managed by Gerry Brady

o Barton Cup Managed by Hugh Behan

o Pierce Purcell managed by Jimmy Graham

  •  BMGC’s own internal club singles and doubles are scheduled for commencement in May we

will be in touch with regards to how you can enter by the end of April. Brian Cruise and

Bernard O’ Callaghan will be coordinating the above

  •  The owners are committed to making improvements to both the course and the facilities

and there is ongoing dialogue with the Committee.

  •  The Committee are reviewing with the course how we best manage Sunday Morning Golf.

We remind you to book well in advance to secure your booking on Sundays and we are really

committed to getting increased activity on Sunday’s.

  •  The Committee have adopted Golf Irelands directives in that a member is not entitled to win

the top prize on the captains and presidents day if they have not submitted 20 Qualifying cards and

thus have a fully Qualified Golf Ireland Handicap. The good news is however, that you will qualify to win one of the up to 20 other prizes on each day.

  • Communication with Committee

If you have an issue or recommendation we respectfully ask that you send a mail to and it will be addressed at or prior to the next committee

meeting and responded to. We welcome feedback through this medium.

The Whatsapp forum was never designed to tackle any issues with sensitivities attached so please use it for messaging, receiving club info and securing playing partners as required.

We are all looking forward to the new season which promises to be a great one with the advent of

so many new members. Looking forward to the captains drive in and scrambling around the course

where we hope to meet new members and make you feel welcome.

Yours Sincerely

David O’ Driscoll