Wednesday 29 July 2020


Please remember to replace Divots on the course, you'll never know where they will end up.

Sunday 12 July 2020

2's Club Winners March/April

Due to the amount of Competition cancellations, the 2's Club Chief coordinator (Bernard O'Callaghan) has drawn the following winners for the pre lockdown period.

Mick Freeman 2nd hole; Pat Butler 2nd; Jimmy Graham 8th (using 14th tee).

Friday 10 July 2020

Bunkers Back

From this weekend Sat 11th, No placing, Bunkers in play except those marked GUR, the committee is not adopting the preferred lies in bunkers local rule at the moment. Please smooth footprints with a club. Also remove stones & smooth out any heavy sand deposits that end up on the green, Thank You very much, Brian Cruise.
Our Software providers have updated the Scorecard App, from tomorrow you can add who is verifying the Scores on your digital Scorecard.