Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Interclub Matches - Sun May 22nd - Super away win !

An excellent away performance sees Gerry Brady's Fred Perry Team  win 3&2, Away to Milltown GC.

Dave O'Driscoll / Gerry Brady won 3&2; Hugh Behan / Mick McKeown won; With the deciding match going to the 19th hole Ray Dunne / Jimmy Graham edged out their opposition. Kevin Behan/George Moloney; John Morgan / John Reid.

1 to 10 are in Team order, 11 & 12 are Subs.
Team Manager: Gerry Brady
assisted by Ray Dunne


Super Seniors away match Versus Killeen GC, Weds 20th Of April : Yesterday’s super seniors match away to Killeen resulted in heavy defeat for Buttermountain as we were beaten 5 - 0

Kevin Barry /Leo Mahon lost 5&4;  Hugh Behan /Terry Kirwan lost 3&2;  Eamonn Carroll /Brendan Clear lost 5&4;  Eamonn Power/Michael O’Sullivan lost 2&1; Pearse O’Brien /Tony Foran lost 5&4.
Team manager, Terry Kirwan.


Super Seniors rescheduled home match V Castlewarden GC 3&2 Win, on Thursday 31st of March at 11am. > Draw

If you are over 70 on Jan 1st '22 contact Terry Kirwan or use the sheet in the changing room if you wish to be added to the squad.

Fred Perry Trophy (over 55 age group, combined max 42 H/Cap, Max individual H/Cap 28).

Away to Milltown GC, this match will be played on Sunday 22nd of May at 2.50pm

Contact Gerry Brady or use the sheet in changing room if you wish to be added to the squad.

Go to page 91>   for full info re: Fred Perry

Friday, 20 May 2022

Competition Conditions

For the moment, Treat new Pond on 7 / 14 as GUR.   Click to See>>a revised 16 hole Route is in operation, please follow "next tee" signs and instructions on modified holes (which are pinned to the tee markers).

Temporary domestic cuts are in operation, 2 for a win and 1 for each subsequent win.

Treat the Ground works area to left of 1st hole & beyond the 7th green as GUR
Please use a golf ball retriever if possible !

  • Placing in the Bunker is no longer an option.
  • Play as it lies in the Rough, Placing on the Fairways within 6inches is still an option, until further notice.
  • All Covid restrictions removed.
  • Disturbed ground + machine marks near New trees treat as Gur (interference to stance, or intended line of swing).also free relief from Slit marks anywhere on the course. i.e. in the rough drop from slit marks & on the fairway - place away from slit marks.

                                              Please leave rakes back inside Bunkers.

 Any new Competition/Conditions updates will be posted here thru the season.

>>  Sat 14th of May Click here for Yellow Peril advice  <<

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

14th Hole NEW Water feature !

 Josh Moran ( also seen at the K club ) doing some excellent Bucket Sculpting on the 14th hole pond 👌

The liner layer finished just before the heavy rain 17/5/2022

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Revised 16 hole Route

 Due to the additional works which will create a large pond to the Front of the 14th hole, and to the left and beyond the 7th Green. A revised 16hole route is now in operation.

  • The only changes are: when you finish playing the7th green  > Play the 8th hole as normal.
  • After the 8th Go to the Temp Tee Box (at the 100m marker) on the 15th Fairway, and play to the normal 15th Green
  • After that 15th Green Play from the 13th Tee to the normal 13th Green.

Yellow Peril Competition advice

 Yellow Peril Competition Stableford: 

Use Howdidido Playing Handicap & minus domestic cuts from this PH.

  • On each hole, two team members play their own white ball for Singles Stableford Scorecard and one plays the "yellow Peril" ball for team Scorecard. If YP player gets 2pts they add that to their own singles scorecard and also on the Team Scorecard.
  •   Take "yellow" ball in rotation. Lowest handicap (including domestic Cuts) on first hole: Middle handicap on second hole: Highest handicap on third hole. Keep to this order for the 16 holes. Therefore, the lowest Handicapper plays "yellow" ball six times. 
  • If the Yellow ball is lost no more points can be added to Team Score.

A team that completes the full 18 shooting 34pts and returns the yellow ball to changing room would trump a Team that shot 35pts but lost their ball on the 16th hole.

Super Seniors away V Hermitage GC

Todays Super Seniors match result away to Hermitage: Hermitage 3 Buttermountain 2
John Hopkins / John Reid lost 5&4
Kevin Barry /Tony Foran won 3&2
Hugh Behan /Terry Kirwan won 3&1
Michael O’Sullivan / Michael O’Brien lost 5&4
Eamonn Power / Leo Mahon lost 2&1
Terry Kirwan 
Team Manager

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Walter Reidy RIP

 We are very sad to report the passing of long term former member Walter Reidy.