Thursday 2 February 2023

Weekly Club Competitions

Club Competition priority teetimes are :
  • Wednesdays,€5 from 7.40am~10.24am. (open to visitors & guests from Mid April).
  • Saturdays 7.40am~10.24am & Sundays 7.40am~8.56am (€6, to include 2's club). 
  • When booking on a Sunday> book your time on the Howdidido App & also on the BRS App.
It is preferred that members use the designated Howdidido Comp tee-times above, but you can still play in the comp outside these times and book via the course BRS system. Cards must be submitted digitally via the Howdidido App or touchscreen asap post round.

The good news is: and unique to our club, the % paid out is very high from Competition fees.
e.g. 14/1/23 €192 collected, €160 paid into the wallets of the 5 prize winners, with approx €25 then going into the 2's club pot, the remainder to the club.
The committee also tries to spread out the amount of prizes, as opposed to giving out one large prize.

When first joining the €63 annual fee includes:
  •  €28  Golf Ireland affiliation
  •  €25  insurance
  • €8  Printing of GolfIreland Smartcard
  • €2 To Club
The club has ongoing costs, e.g. entry into interclub events. The biggest annual cost is the Software to run the Touchscreen, which includes the Howdidido and ClubV1 members apps @ €2,154
Contributions from weekly Comp entries enable the club to function.