Wednesday 14 February 2024

Super Seniors 2024

 ROUND1 - AWAY to EDMONDSTOWN Play by Tuesday 16th April

ROUND 2 -HOME to NEWLANDS Play by Tuesday 7th May
ROUND 3 - HOME to FOREST LITTLE Play byTuesday 28th May
ROUND 4 - away to POWERSCOURT Play by Tuesday 18th June
ROUND 5 - HOME to CASTLE Play by Tuesday 2nd July

Open to members over 70yrs . Team Manager: Terry Kirwan, assistant team Manager: Leo Mahon.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Dec/Jan - 2's club winners

  Results for the bi-monthly 2's Club: €30 to be added to electronic Wallet. 

  • Tom Goulding 
  • Liam Burke 
  • Des Byrne
  • Hugh Behan
  • Simon Mulroy 
  • Cormac Doyle 
  • George Moloney

Note, any gross 2 (incl hole in one) recorded on the Howdidido App in a Saturday or Sunday Competition is included for a bi-monthly draw. In order to spread the potential winners, only 1 win per member is allowed. (Wednesday Competitions are not part of the 2's Club)

Wednesday 31 January 2024

New members guide 2024

   Rules for beginners - Golf Ireland

 World Golf Handicap Pocket guide

Weekly Club Competition's

When inputting a card at an away course it will go onto your record automatically (if it's an official competition). If it's just a casual round with another Golfireland member you ( & you choose to submit a round)  will need to sign-in on the Golfireland app pre round, then input that card asap after game.

     Note: You must still be on-site at that club in order for it to work
  • All society cards should be returned on the app too in the same manner as above, if you are having problems with the app send on a photo of your card, but only when you've exhausted the above advice. 

Step 1: Install the howdidido app, When you submit 3 cards a Handicap index will be allocated.

( In addition you can send a photo via email or WhatsApp to speed up the process).

Please put the 3 scorecards in an envelope marked "For Handicap" and leave at the course reception.

  • Cards submitted in the Winter season: a temporary domestic Handicap will be allocated.
  • Cards submitted in the Qualifying period April to end of October: an initial Golfireland handicap will be allocated, you will need 20 qualifying cards thru the season to have a fully developed Handicap (this will allow entry to interclub competitions in 2025).

After Handicap index allocation you will then have access to the HDID tee time booking system for Competitions.

Step 2: Install the Golf Ireland app, use this to track your Handicap index.

The pin number for registering is on the back of your Golf Ireland member card.

Step 3: install the BRS booking app for Tee time bookings outside of competition times
For issues relating to BRS contact Amanda at reception.

Step 4: Download the R&A Rules of golf app

randa logo
            GOLF IS OPEN TO ALL


Step 5: (optional)  You may want to download a GPS Golf app.

To comply with the rules of Competition golf the GPS app can only give advice on Distance, not measure wind speed or direction etc. Try not to let such devices interfere with pace of play.

Example of a free App with the Course mapped on it is below 

Brian Cruise, Handicap Sec 2024

Thursday 4 January 2024

Winter Domestic Cuts

  If your ball lands on the Fairway, Players have the option to move and place in the nearest side of rough, no nearer the hole. Placing everywhere within 6 inches. (except Penalty areas)

  • Domestic cuts are in play from January 1st, 2 shots for a win & 1 for each subsequent win. 
  • Handicaps are reset at season start (when Qualifying conditions return in April).

When playing in Competition, use your full Playing Handicap on the card as the minus shots are calculated at competitions end.

Saturday 18 November 2023

President's prize

President's Prize Winner,Terry Kirwan (right), receives his perpetual plaque. NOV 18th 2023.

Sunday 12 November 2023

November Newsletter


Following November’s committee meeting I wish to send members an update from the committee in relation to forthcoming events, Inter club matchplay competitions, internal match play competitions, Facility improvements etc. Our job is to work on behalf of the members and to make your Butter Mountain Golf Club experience a very positive one.


Some Notices and upcoming events include.


·        BMGC Committee 2024 and we wish them all the best for the year

o   Captain                George Maloney

o   President             Paddy Horan

o   Treasurer             George Maloney

o   Hon Secretary    Gerry Brady

o   Competition & Handicap Secretary            Brian Cruise

o   Committee members       Mick McKeown, Hugh Behan  & Dave O’ Driscoll

·        Playing conditions. Please check BMGC blog site for competition playing conditions and check your Whatsapp before you start your round to see if there are any further updates e.g :Overnight frost and you may need to play the first 6 holes on temporary greens

·        The committee are ultimately responsible for the Whatapp group so some reminders for everybody’s benefit include

·        WhatsApp Do’s

o   Keep it to golf Messaging

o   Engage with the membership to get playing partners.

o   Ask yourself does your message need to be private or for all members of the group and message accordingly.

o   Checking for playing conditions

·        WhatsApp Don’ts

o   Please don’t Share Videos

o   Never get Personal with other members

o   Complain over this forum, instead email the committee at

·        Gazebo on the 13th /course

o   It is the intention to move the Gazebo in time but not currently as the ground is too soft and also (speaking of soft ground conditions)

o   Please don’t play off temporary Greens

o   Please repair your Divots at all times

o   Please repair your Pitch Marks

o   Please use Paths where available

·        Sunday Golf and starting on the 10th tee. This is allowed once no members are coming down the 9th fairway. We will monitor this ruling when better playing conditions prevail.

·        GUI  Can I ask all new members to check their GUI APP to see how many competitions you have entered. Please ensure that you enter 20 competitions for the year as this will

o   Ensure you are eligible to play Inter Club Competition

o   Ensure you are eligible to win the BMGC Captain or Presidents day.

·        Fees  We are advised that the fees for 2024 will be  €650 which we believe represents great value

·        Course Improvements. All members can see the ongoing improvements and more recent work has concentrated on Pathways,drainage and Gazebo’s. This again demonstrates to us the owners commitment to on going enhancements.

·        Wednesday opens will re-commence in April ‘24

·        The fixture list for the year on our public facing website link

·        There is a newClub developed by the owners which will also assist us in centralising the messaging in time. If you have any suggestions for improvements the Ladies would love to hear from you

·        Sunday Golf : The Committee are continuously reviewing with the course how we best manage Sunday Morning Golf. We remind you to book well in advance to secure your booking on Sundays and we are really committed to getting increased activity on Sunday’s. The more activity we get on Sundays will increase our capacity for change. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome .Currently the members exclusive time is upto 8am but you may book 2 weeks in advance to reserve your preferred Tee Time. Please ensure you book in on the BRS slot and Howdidido, mobile Apps.

·        Communication with Committee

If you have an issue or recommendation, we respectfully ask that you send a mail to and it will be addressed at or prior to the next committee meeting and responded to. We welcome feedback through this medium. The Whatsapp forum was never designed to tackle any issues with sensitivities attached so please use it for messaging, receiving club info and securing playing partners as required.


Keeping you informed.


David O’ Driscoll

Committee Member.

Friday 3 November 2023

Domestic Cuts + Save the Fairways

 If your ball lands on the Fairway, Players have the option to move and place in the nearest side of rough, no nearer the hole. Placing everywhere within 6 inches. ( except Penalty areas)

  • Domestic cuts are in play from November 1st, 2 shots for a win & 2 for each subsequent win. Handicaps are reset on the 1st of Jan 2024. All winners will have their wallet topped up by €40.
  • * If playing numbers are low, the prize will be €20 & a -1 cut.

When playing in Competition, use your full Playing Handicap on the card as the minus 2 shots are calculated at competitions end.