Sunday 26 May 2024

GolfIreland Interclub events 2024

Inter-club competitions draws 2024 :

 Home to K Club in Leinster Men's Fourball, Sunday 19th of May 2pm  Manager: Hugh Behan
Super result for Hugh Behan and team in the Leinster 4 Ball Versus the K Club
We won in play off on Ist Hole. Mick Mc Keown sunk a raker of a putt.
Round 3 is V Dun Laoghaire GC before June 30th
  •  We were home to Beechpark in the Pierce Purcell.3pm Sunday 19th of May. Manager: Jimmy Graham        A momentous 2nd Sunday win for The Club in The Pierce Purcell. An impressive 3&2 win for Cormac Doyle & Thomas Goulding. Mark Mahon & Brian Cruise won on the 18th. Away from home: team player manager Jimmy Graham & Ray Dunne narrowly lost out on the 18th at Beech Park. Leaving another playoff up the 1st at BMGC. Where Mark & Brian Edged out the opposition. Jimmy Graham wishes to thank all the players and support today ⛳
Round 3 is V Kilmashouge or The K Club before June 16th.

  •  Home to Carrickmines on Sun 19th of May at 10am.  Barton Cup. Barton Cup result.4~1 against tough opposition we lost to Carrickmines. Beaten in the two away matches and lost in 1 home match..The game was played in good spirit and it was a great effort by our team competing against a team that had a number of very good low handicap players to choose from..  Manager: Mick McKeown
  • Away to Rathfarnham on Fri 17th of May at 4pm. 3-1 loss   Leinster Men's Senior Inter-club.  Manager: Paddy Horan
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entry sheets and further details to follow. 
Gerry Brady - Teams Coordinator

Monday 20 May 2024

Super Seniors 2024


The result of today’s Super Seniors match at home to Forrest Little was

Butter Mountain 4 1/2 

Forrest Little 1/2

Ray Dunne and Paddy Horan halved their game

Hugh Behan and Gerry Brady won 3 & 2

Leo Mahon and John Reid won 

2 & 1

Brendan O’Connor and Terry Kirwan won 4 & 3

Jim Graham and Pearse O’Brien won 5 & 4

Another great result

Two more matches to go in our division 

Terry Kirwan 

Team Captain



Result of today’s Super Seniors match at home to Newlands was Buttermountain 3.5 Newlands 1.5

Ray Dunne & Michael O’Sullivan lost 3&2

Hugh Behan & Gerry Brady’s game was halved

Jim Graham & Leo Mahon won 1up

Brendan O’Connor & Terry Kirwan won 4&3

The winning point was clinched on the 18th hole by 

Brian Campbell and Pearse O’Brien

Another great win in a tightly contested match 

Terry Kirwan 

Team Captain


ROUND1 - AWAY to EDMONDSTOWN Play by Thurs 11th April

Edmondstown 2 Butter Mountain 3

Ray Dunne & Michael OSullivan won 6 & 5

John Hopkins & Joy Reid won 4 & 3

Jim Graham & Leo Mahon lost 2 & 1

Brendan O’Connor&Terry Kirwan lost 2& 1

Hugh Behan & Gerry Brady had a great victory winning on the 18th 1 up

Overall a great away  victory  

Terry Kirwan: Team Captain

ROUND 2 -HOME to NEWLANDS Play by Tuesday 7th May
ROUND 3 - HOME to FOREST LITTLE Play byTuesday 28th May
ROUND 4 - away to POWERSCOURT Play by Tuesday 18th June
ROUND 5 - HOME to CASTLE Play by Tuesday 2nd July

Open to members over 70yrs . Team Manager: Terry Kirwan, assistant team Manager: Leo Mahon.

Saturday 11 May 2024

Capt's Drive-in Scramble

 Scramble winners:

1st: J Morgan - M McKeown -  M O'Leary 58.7

2nd: B Herbert - B Nolan - F Sheppard 59.7

3rd: B Clear - B Cruise - D Redmond 60

Captain George wishes to thank all those who participated today.

Yellow Peril Competition advice

 Yellow Peril Competition Stableford: 

Use Howdidido Playing Handicap (=PH on label) then minus any domestic cuts

There is a separate Stableford and Team Competition, if the yellow ball is lost, players still play out the round for the individual prize.

  • On each hole, two team members play their own white ball for the individual Singles Stableford Scorecard and one plays the "yellow Peril" ball for team Scorecard. If YP player gets 2pts they add that to their own singles scorecard and also on the Team Scorecard.
  •   Take "yellow" ball in rotation. Lowest handicap index on first hole: Middle handicap index on second hole: Highest handicap index on third hole. Keep to this order for the 18 holes. 
  • If the Yellow ball is lost no more points can be added to Team Score.

A team that completes the full 18 shooting 34pts and returns the yellow ball to the Starters room would trump a Team that shot 35pts but lost their ball on e.g. the16th hole.

Friday 10 May 2024

Competition Conditions

From 11/5/24

*Until Further notice* 

No Placing on F/way    Play as it lies in the Rough.

** Bunkers in Play. (play as lies in bunker).

  • The new Gazebos are immovable obstructions, free drop from stance or intended line of swing  (No line-of-sight relief).
  • If your ball is lost in Casual water (excluding penalty areas), take a free drop where you last crossed the margin of the water, keeping that point in line with the Flag, with no limit to how far back you drop.
  • A ball found within, or stance affected by, Casual water should be dropped to the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.

 Any new Competition/Conditions updates will be posted here thru the season


3 Ball Rumble

Apply Full Playing Handicap, as per sticker

Holes 1 to 6, mark the Best score on the card (Stableford points)

Holes 7 to 12 , Best 2 scores

Holes 13 to 18, Best 3 scores

   Please leave Rakes back inside Bunkers.

  • New Ponds are now staked, use relevant penalty area Rule. Note the scale of mixed Penalty area on 14th/7th in photo below. 




Scramble Stroke play, 1/6 combined Playing H/cap 

  •  Playing Handicap( = PH on Label), add up the 3  H/Caps and divide by 6.
  • All players Tee off ,select preferred ball, all play their own ball from that position. 
  • 5 Drives/tee shots from each team player must be used
  • For the purposes of this competition all players Place everywhere within 6 inches (except penalty areas).

  • If a team has only 2 players you will not be in the scramble, so sign in and Submit a Singles Scorecard as normal. 
  • No Placing if entering the standalone Stableford comp.

Click for Yellow Peril Rules


 Rules for Champagne Scramble:

  • Use Playing Handicap as per Howdidido label or App.
  • Players drive off. Team chooses which drive to play and marks it (all players can place). All team members play from this spot. and then finish out the hole with their own ball, in the normal Stableford manner.
  • 3 drives MUST be used from each player. Drives must be indicated on the scorecard by putting a circle around the player's score.

The best 2 scores are recorded (Stableford). The same applies to all other holes except the par 3’s.

On par 3’s: all players play their own ball from tee to green and then all 3 scores (stableford) are counted.


Thursday 11 April 2024

April Newsletter


Following April’s recent committee meeting I wish to send members an update from the committee in relation to forthcoming events, Inter club matchplay competitions, internal match play competitions, Facility improvements etc. Our job is to work on behalf of the members and to make your Butter Mountain Golf Club experience a very positive one. The RELENTLESS rain is playing havoc with the course preparations and our schedules so please bear with us as we have some revised dates that differ from the original fixture list. All golf clubs are experiencing the same difficulties.

Some Notices for upcoming events include.

Saturday May 11th is the REVISED date scheduled for our Captain’s (George Moloney’s) drive in. There will be a scramble format for this competition and more details to follow..

Saturday April 27th is the first Monthly Medal of the Season. Are you ready for Strokes?

Saturday May 4th is the REVISED date for the May MEDAL due to both weather and inter club fixture demands.

Wednesday opens commence on April 24th and it is a great opportunity to invite visitors to play for €15 and showcase the course.

Save the Date >

o Captains Day July 27th

o Presidents Day and evening social in Old Mill pub both on August 31st

The fixture list for the year on our public facing website link

New Members:  please be advised that you can submit 3 cards from any course with Qualifying conditions to get an initial handicap index.

Entering your Scorecard:  when entering your score please insert the details for who marked your card, Select “Skip” and then enter your score as normal. You can also enter your score on the howdidido app in the “Todays Golf” section. Some members have left a card in the competition card Box without entering their score digitally and this practice must stop.

Checking Your Wallet Balance:  Reminder to members to check their Wallet Balance on a regular basis and top it up if necessary

Inter Club Competitions 

Please see our blog on has all the criteria required if you qualify to play on a team. Please review the link below which gives you more details about the various competitions.

The Committee strongly advise that you give serious consideration to putting yourself forward for selection in your given category. BMGC have entered into 5 competitions this year and Gerry Brady will be working closely with the team managers including

o Leinster Men’s Fourball Managed By Hugh Behan

o Barton Cup Managed by Mick McKeown

o Pierce Purcell managed by Jimmy Graham

o Leinster Men’s senior Inter club managed by Paddy Horan

o Super Seniors managed by Terry Kirwan

BMGC’s own internal club singles and doubles are scheduled for commencement in May we will be in touch with regards to how you can enter by the end of April. SUBJECT TO WEATHER

Reminder for all players to repair divots, pitch marks and avail of the “save the fairway” options particularly as we remain in non- qualifying format.

The owners are committed to making improvements to both the course and the facilities and there is ongoing dialogue with the Committee. Note the work going on with the men’s toilets currently

The Committee are reviewing with the course how we best manage Sunday Morning Golf. We remind you to book well in advance to secure your booking on Sundays and we are really committed to getting increased activity on Sunday’s. Please book on both Howdidido and the BRS System.

The Committee have adopted Golf Irelands directives in that a member is not entitled to win the top prize on the captains and presidents day if they have not submitted 20 qualifying cards and have a full GUI Golf Handicap. The good news is however, that you will qualify to win one of the up to 20 other prizes on each day.

Communication with Committee 

If you have an issue or recommendation, we respectfully ask that you send a mail to and it will be addressed at or prior to the next committee meeting and responded to. We welcome feedback through this medium. The Whatsapp forum was never designed to tackle any issues with sensitivities attached so please use it for messaging, receiving club info and securing playing partners as required.

We are all looking forward to the new season (when the rain stops) which promises to be a great one particularly with the advent of 34 new members to date. Looking forward to the captains drive in and scrambling around the course where we hope to meet new members and make you feel welcome.

Yours Sincerely

David O’ Driscoll

Committee Member

Wednesday 3 April 2024

2's Club Feb/March

   Results for the bi-monthly 2's Club: €30 to be added to electronic Wallet. 

  • W O'Brien
  • E Boggans
  • G Brady
  • M Doyle
  • B Cruise
  • B Kelly
  • G Phelan

Note, any gross 2 (incl hole in one) recorded on the Howdidido App in a Saturday or Sunday Competition is included for a bi-monthly draw. In order to spread the potential winners, only 1 win per member is allowed. (Wednesday Competitions are not part of the 2's Club)