Thursday 29 December 2022

2's Club winners Nov/Dec

  Results for Nov / Dec 2's Club: €30 added to electronic Wallet.

  • Barry Kelly
  • Hugh Behan
  • Gerry Brady
  • Mick Lawless
  • John Hopkins
  • Jimmy Graham
  • Kevin Behan

Note, any gross 2 (or hole in one) recorded on the Howdidido App in a Saturday or Sunday Competition is included for a bi-monthly draw. In order to spread the potential winners, only 1 win per member is allowed. (Wednesday Competitions are not part of the 2's Club).

Thursday 29 September 2022

Player of The Year 2022

 The Gross Golfer of the Year was won yet again by Eoin Boggans with a 6 X 10pt clean sweep, that's the first time 60pts has been the winning total !

The nett section was won by Brian Cruise with a 34pt total.

Player of the year points are allocated from position 1 to 10, 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd 9pts, etc.

Your best 6 results from the 7 X Medals + Capt's + President's count towards a Gross & Nett winner.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

7th & 14th Staking


Note a slight change to the penalty area above. If a ball crosses into the penalty area over/between 2 yellow stakes you have the following options.
  • Under penalty, play again from the position you are in. (Option 1 in diagram below)

  • Proceed to penalty area & Play the ball as it lies
  • Under penalty, drop a ball on the line of flag position & the point where you last crossed the margin of hazard. Going back as far as desired > Option2 in diagram below

  • The only difference for crossing over/between 2 red stakes is: you have an extra option of dropping 2 club lengths from where you last crossed the margin (not nearer the flag position), But you cannot drop within or have your stance inside the penalty area.
The penalty area will be reviewed after a site visit from a Golfireland rules official, where extra options e.g. Drop Zones will be considered.

Thursday 22 September 2022

MatchPlay 2022 & the Winners are >>>

Singles Match Play 2022:

A mammoth 23 Hole & fiercely contested final sees John Reid winning against the ever-present Ray Dunne on the 5th playoff Hole.

Scotch Foursomes Match Play: A battle against the autumn Sundown yielded a 19th hole standoff, with Darren Redmond & Gary Phelan edging out Ray Dunne & Jimmy Graham, in the Scotch Four's final 21/9/22.

Very well done to both teams in the Final and to the 34 Scotch 4's entrants, with all rounds played pre-deadlines it's been another memorable year for the clubs MatchPlay events. 

Matchplay Singles Live Draw Scotch Foursomes Draw.

This years MatchPlay "enforcer" is Bernard O'Callaghan. 0860635954 contact Bernard asap if you're having issues arranging a match.

Singles Matches play off full Course Handicap (laminated CH  sheet is in Changing room and at reception). Blue Tees


Scotch Foursomes: 

  • Both players in a team tee off Blue Tees ,Choose preffered ball & Play alternate shots until completion of hole.
  • All players in the match will individually calculate a Course Handicap (CH).
  • Each Team takes 60% of the lower CH and 40% of the higher CH and adds them together, this is the pairs playing handicap.
  • The full difference between the 2 teams handicaps will determine the number of shots given/received.

Sunday 28 August 2022

President's Day winner

 An excellent turnout of 59 Fit & Willing  golfers participated in Hugh Behan's President's Prize. & a Very well done to Kevin Barry who lifted that elusive Trophy aloft .

Winner Kevin Barry (right) Presented by President Hugh Behan

Longest Drive

Front 9 

1st class 3

1st Class 2

3rd Class 3

1st Class 1

Best Gross

Runner Up

Monday 4 July 2022

RIP Pat Butler

Very sad to report -  Rest in Peace Pat Butler who has passed away.

Click image for July 5th Funeral arrangements.

Saturday 11 June 2022

Interclub Matches

Super Seniors play their final Group stage match this coming Monday, all support welcome at 1pm 13/6/22 @ Westmanstown  GC,  Roll on the Knockout stages.


Another strong showing away for Gerry Brady's Fred Perry team unfortunately ends in a Woodenbridge GC win 3&2, Friday June 3rd.

1 to 10 are in Team order, 11 & 12 are Subs.
Team Manager: Gerry Brady
assisted by Ray Dunne

An excellent away performance sees Gerry Brady's Fred Perry Team  win 3&2, Away to Milltown GC. 22nd of May.

Dave O'Driscoll / Gerry Brady won 3&2; Hugh Behan / Mick McKeown won; With the deciding match going to the 19th hole Ray Dunne / Jimmy Graham edged out their opposition. Kevin Behan/George Moloney; John Morgan / John Reid.

1 to 10 are in Team order, 11 & 12 are Subs.
Team Manager: Gerry Brady
assisted by Ray Dunne


Super Seniors away match Versus Killeen GC, Weds 20th Of April : Yesterday’s super seniors match away to Killeen resulted in heavy defeat for Buttermountain as we were beaten 5 - 0

Kevin Barry /Leo Mahon lost 5&4;  Hugh Behan /Terry Kirwan lost 3&2;  Eamonn Carroll /Brendan Clear lost 5&4;  Eamonn Power/Michael O’Sullivan lost 2&1; Pearse O’Brien /Tony Foran lost 5&4.
Team manager, Terry Kirwan.


Super Seniors rescheduled home match V Castlewarden GC 3&2 Win, on Thursday 31st of March at 11am. > Draw

If you are over 70 on Jan 1st '22 contact Terry Kirwan or use the sheet in the changing room if you wish to be added to the squad.

Fred Perry Trophy (over 55 age group, combined max 42 H/Cap, Max individual H/Cap 28).

Away to Milltown GC, this match will be played on Sunday 22nd of May at 2.50pm

Contact Gerry Brady or use the sheet in changing room if you wish to be added to the squad.

Go to page 91>   for full info re: Fred Perry

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Tuesday 17 May 2022

14th Hole NEW Water feature !

 Josh Moran ( also seen at the K club ) doing some excellent Bucket Sculpting on the 14th hole pond 👌

The liner layer finished just before the heavy rain 17/5/2022

Thursday 12 May 2022

Revised 16 hole Route

Due to the 1st Fairway works & the new pond on 14th hole and 15th,  A revised 16hole route is now in operation.

  • The only changes are: when you finish playing the7th green  > Play the 8th hole as normal.
  • After the 8th Go to the Temp Tee Box (at the 100m marker) on the 15th Fairway, and play to the normal 15th Green
  • After that 15th Green Play from the 13th Tee to the normal 13th Green.

Super Seniors away V Hermitage GC

Todays Super Seniors match result away to Hermitage: Hermitage 3 Buttermountain 2
John Hopkins / John Reid lost 5&4
Kevin Barry /Tony Foran won 3&2
Hugh Behan /Terry Kirwan won 3&1
Michael O’Sullivan / Michael O’Brien lost 5&4
Eamonn Power / Leo Mahon lost 2&1
Terry Kirwan 
Team Manager

Thursday 5 May 2022

Walter Reidy RIP

 We are very sad to report the passing of long term former member Walter Reidy.

Saturday 30 April 2022

Captain's Drive-in

 Captain Mick McKeown would like to thank all those who participated today.

1st: E Carroll, R Dunne & J Graham 59.17 (back 9 countback)

2nd: B Clear, B Cruise & R Durnin. 59.17

3rd: L Burke, S Egan & B Walsh. 60.7

Captain Mick McKeown- center. M O'Leary- left. J Morgan -Right

Mick Tees off to open the new season.

Age is just a Number - Brendan Clear (88) with Ryan Durnin (25) 
Finishing 2nd Place in this years event

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Lucky7 2's Club winners March / April

 Results for Jan / Feb 2's Club: €30 added to electronic Wallet.
  • John Morgan
  • Michael O'Leary
  • Michael Freeman
  • Leo Mahon
  • Gerry Brady
  • Eamonn Carroll
  • Kevin Behan

Note, any gross 2 (or hole in one) recorded on the Howdidido App in a Saturday or Sunday Competition is included for a bi-monthly draw. In order to spread the potential winners only 1 win per member is allowed. (Wednesday Competitions are not part of the 2's Club).

Saturday 16 April 2022

Yellow Peril Winners

 Peril Winners: Gerry Flood, Mick Lawless, Leo Mahon.38pts

Class1: John Hopkins 37pts, Class2:Sean Lynch 38pts,  Class3:Liam Burke 36pts.

Friday 1 April 2022

Capt's Drive-in Sat 30th of April

Due to heavy rain - rescheduled for April 30th.

 Mick McKeown's Captain's Drive Scramble, 1/6 combined Handicap

Please sign in on Howdidido pre round.

  •  All players drive, select preferred ball, all play their own ball from that position. 
  • 5 Drives/tee shots from each team player must be used
  • For the purposes of this competition all players Place everywhere within 6 inches (except penalty areas).
  • If a team has only 2 players you will not be in the scramble, so sign in and Submit a Singles Scorecard as normal, if in this singles competition Place on the F/Way only. 

Saturday 26 March 2022

New regulations for Scorecard and Handicap Returns

 To summarise:

  •  Golf Ireland are making it mandatory to record your Handicap index on your Scorecard, You can verify your current WHS index pre round on the Golf Ireland app 
  • You must pre register your intent to play a round for handicap purposes (either in an organised comp or as a casual round with another WHS player who will verify your score), and then submit that score a.s.a.p. after your round is complete
  • Please read the pocket guide above for more detailed information


Currently as per Rule 7.1b of the Rules of Handicapping, if a player fails to submit a score (Unsatisfied Score Intent) from an authorised format of play in a timely manner, the Handicap Committee should investigate the reason and take appropriate action.

To date there are currently thousands of unsatisfied score intents sitting on players' records and the National Handicapping Committee has decided, in order to assist clubs, to purge all Unsatisfied Score Intents up to and including 31st December 2021 from players' records. From 31st March 2022 an automated process will be put in place to apply an automatic penalty score if a score is pre-registered but not submitted.

With this new process Players will get a series of emails to remind them to submit the score, or if registered in error, edit/remove the score intent prior to the application of the penalty score. Club Handicap secretaries can override the Automatic Penalty Score if they think it is warranted.  Going forward please always remember to return your score as soon as possible and this will eliminate the need for the automatic penalty score process to be activated.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Qualifying conditions resume Weds 23rd of March

Due to the nice spell of dry weather: from Weds 23rd it will be Placing on The Fairway only, within 6 inches.

Play as it lies in the rough, an exception would be a ball plugged on either F/Way or rough can be cleaned and dropped. (a point to note: a ball that has hopped out of it's plug mark must be played as it lies).

Bunkers in Play with the preferred lie local rule still an option, within 6 inches.

Dropping off the Fairway is no longer permitted.

Domestic handicaps (minus system) will be reset on April 1st.

Disturbed ground + machine marks near New trees treat as Gur (interference to stance, or intended line of swing).also free relief from Slit marks anywhere on the course. i.e. in the rough drop from slit marks & on the fairway - place away from slit marks.

New members submitting cards for Handicap please leave signed and countersigned cards at reception. 

(cards submitted do not need to be during competition time)

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Lucky7 2's Club winners

 Results for Jan / Feb 2's Club: €30 added to electronic Wallet.

  • Brian Campbell
  • Jimmy Graham
  • Micheál O'Sullivan
  • Pat Horan
  • Barry Kelly
  • Brendan Clear
  • Kevin Behan
Note, any gross 2 (or hole in one) recorded on the Howdidido App in a Saturday or Sunday Competition is included for a bi-monthly draw. In order to spread the potential winners only 1 win per member is allowed. (Wednesday Competitions are not part of the 2's Club).

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Clubv1 app is back for 2022

 ClubV1 Mobile app is back for 2022

Please use Howdidido App for Competition Booking and scorecard input, 

ClubV1 app will show your competition Wallet.