Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A great year for the Match Play events, both the singles and Scotch Foursomes were completed ahead of schedule.The Committee would like to thank all competitors for their support in both events.
The Match play organiser Gerry Cantwell ran a tight ship and ensured that all round deadlines were completed on time. It can be unsatisfactory to lose a match to a flip of a coin, so it's important that all 2015 entrants make an effort to arrange their matches in a fair manner. Remember, if you have a problem arranging your match please contact the Match Play organiser a.s.a.p. before the round deadline.

Singles Match Play Winner 2014 : 
Gerry Brady

Runner Up - Brian Cruise
Beaten semi Finalists - John Morgan and Jimmy Graham

Scotch Foursomes Winners 2014
Eoin Boggans & Colm Daly 
Runners Up - Brian Cruise & Mick Duggan

Beaten Semi Finalists - Brian Campbell & Richard Whealans
Ben Kearney & Dave O'Driscoll

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