Friday 8 January 2016

14 Hole Course

 Play 1- 7 as normal, this is your Front 7holes ( you are 1/2 way thru your round )
You will see a sign at 7th Green, directing you to play the par3 14th, this is the 1st hole of your back 7 holes.
then go to the normal 8th tee (which is now your 9th hole on the 14hole course) and play the normal route until you reach the 12th hole (which is now your 13th on the 14hole course)
For the final hole play the normal 16th.
Mark your card as set out on the 14 hole card, do not swap scores on holes around.

The Computer ( and indexes ) has been set up to reflect the above
Enter scores onto computer leaving 15,16,17 & 18 as blank/0  and click enter.

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