Monday, 14 May 2018

"The Players" Ticket Results

A big thank you to all who supported the draw. The committee is targeted with raising €2000 annually to pay expenses and make improvements. Our second and final fund raiser for 2018 will follow a similar format for "The Open championship" which takes place in Carnoustie from July 19th-22nd .   Please check notice board ( & this blog) for information on ticketing in late June /early July
First prize of €250
Brendan Masterson
28 points  by tiebreaker
2nd Prize of €100
Jimmy Graham
28 points  by tiebreaker
3rd Prize of €50
Robbie Meany
28 points
4th Prize of €50
Gerry Perry
25 points
5th Prize of €50
Noel Murphy
18 points
6th Prize of €50
John Morgan
18 points
7th Prize of €50
Conor Dwan
18 points

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