Saturday, 20 June 2020

Gui Voucher system Revision

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak; Paper Vouchers were not issued on Weds 18th of March nor for the weekend of Saturday 21st / Sun 22nd of March. All 11 winners on these dates have been topped up on their ClubV1 wallet less the relevant competition fee. On a trial basis all Comp prize winners from June 29th and beyond will have their clubV1 wallet topped up as a replacement to Paper Vouchers.
We hope that members will adopt this new arrangement as a means to a sleeker,safer
 Prize setup.

  •  From T Woods:  "What is the purpose of my ClubV1 Wallet"? .. Answer: every time you "sign in" to an Official Club Competition the relevant Comp fee will be deducted from your account.
  • From R McIlroy: I've recently won 3 prizes @ €30, can I get a paper GUI voucher for €50 and leave the balance in my account ? .. Answer: As a wise man once said: "Yes We Can" ! (simply text Damian Byrne to convert your Wallet into a voucher, it would be preferable if members choosing this method done this at a minimum 1 month period or longer).
  • From Seve: Can I use monies built up in my ClubV1 Wallet to pay off 2021 membership? Answer: Yes
  • From P Harrington: How do I top up my Wallet ? Answer: You can leave an envelope with Deborah using paper vouchers you won previously or with Money, clearly stating on the envelope that you wish to Top Up ClubV1 Wallet. Also, Martin Dobey is working on an electronic solution e.g. Revolut or WorldPay, info on this will be shared in due Course.
Brian Cruise Handicap Sec 2020


  1. I note a comment from Seve - that's a rave from the grave.
    You say 'Due to the Covid 19 etc.' Does this mean that we will revert to the old system afterwards? I like the feel of vouchers in my little paw!!!

  2. You can have the Old system whenever you like, all we are asking (Competition Committee,N Murphy,D Byrne,B Cruise,M Dobey) is that you stick with the trial until we see how things pan out.