Saturday 26 March 2022

New regulations for Scorecard and Handicap Returns

 To summarise:

  •  Golf Ireland are making it mandatory to record your Handicap index on your Scorecard, You can verify your current WHS index pre round on the Golf Ireland app 
  • You must pre register your intent to play a round for handicap purposes (either in an organised comp or as a casual round with another WHS player who will verify your score), and then submit that score a.s.a.p. after your round is complete
  • Please read the pocket guide above for more detailed information


Currently as per Rule 7.1b of the Rules of Handicapping, if a player fails to submit a score (Unsatisfied Score Intent) from an authorised format of play in a timely manner, the Handicap Committee should investigate the reason and take appropriate action.

To date there are currently thousands of unsatisfied score intents sitting on players' records and the National Handicapping Committee has decided, in order to assist clubs, to purge all Unsatisfied Score Intents up to and including 31st December 2021 from players' records. From 31st March 2022 an automated process will be put in place to apply an automatic penalty score if a score is pre-registered but not submitted.

With this new process Players will get a series of emails to remind them to submit the score, or if registered in error, edit/remove the score intent prior to the application of the penalty score. Club Handicap secretaries can override the Automatic Penalty Score if they think it is warranted.  Going forward please always remember to return your score as soon as possible and this will eliminate the need for the automatic penalty score process to be activated.

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