Thursday, 21 July 2022

Competition Conditions

From Sat 23rd of July,

There's now an option to Play as it lies from GUR or drop with no penalty, outside the GUR area (thanks to the RulesGuru Ray Dunne for pointing this out). 

Newly seeded areas on 1st, 16th, 9th & 12th are marked as Gur, blue/yellow line. Free drop to nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. This will mean > more often than not you'll be dropping back further from the hole than you normally would.

It is not recommended to go down the bank to the left of 1st hole, beyond the OOB white line.

  • New Ponds are now staked, use penalty area Rule. Note the scale of Penalty area on 14th/7th in photo below. 
  • Please use a golf ball retriever if possible !
  • ** Think Water safety**  Be extremely careful around pond banks, as they have not bedded in yet.  
  • All Course Works Disturbed ground + surrounds of New trees treat as Gur (interference to stance, or intended line of swing, Free Drop)


                                              Please leave Rakes back inside Bunkers.

 Any new Competition/Conditions updates will be posted here thru the season


When playing a Scramble, 1/6 combined Playing H/cap 

  •  All players drive,select preferred ball, all play their own ball from that position. 
  • 4 Drives/tee shots from each team player must be used
  • For the purposes of this competition all players Place everywhere within 6 inches (except penalty areas).

  • If a team has only 2 players you will not be in the scramble, so sign in and Submit a Singles Scorecard as normal, if in this singles competition Place on the F/Way only. 

>>  Sat 14th of May Click here for Yellow Peril advice  <<

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