Thursday 27 June 2024

Super Seniors 2024

27/6/24 The result of today’s super seniors match against Castle was

Buttermountain 4 Castle 1
In very strong wind and showers 
Hugh Behan and Gerry Brady won 4&3
Ray Dunne and Michael O’Sullivan lost 2&1
John Hopkins and John Reid won 5&4
Brendan O’Connor and Terry Kirwan won 3&1
Jimmy Graham and Leo Mahon won 4&3
We now await the Results of Newlands v Powerscourt 
Newlands have to win 5-0 to overtake us 
Terry Kirwan 
Team Captain

10/6/24 Today we played our 4th Super Seniors league match away to Powerscourt 

Result Powerscourt 3 Buttermountain 2

This leaves us in a good position going into our final league match at home to Castle in the next two weeks 

Each point gained is counted in the over league Table 

Before todays game we were in 1st place with 11 points Castle 10 Powerscourt 8

Now we have 13 Powerscourt 11

No results available for Castle

The games were all Very close game where 3 went to the last hole

Hugh Behan Gerry Brady won 1 up

Myself and Brendan O’Connor lost 1 up

John Hopkins John Reid lost 1up

Jim Graham Leo Mahon lost 2&1

Ray Dunne Mick O’Sullivan won 3&2

Great win for our most senior player Michael O’Sullivan 

 Well done to all the challenging long and hilly West Course 

Terry Kirwan 

Team Captain



The result of today’s Super Seniors match at home to Forrest Little was

Butter Mountain 4 1/2 

Forrest Little 1/2

Ray Dunne and Paddy Horan halved their game

Hugh Behan and Gerry Brady won 3 & 2

Leo Mahon and John Reid won 

2 & 1

Brendan O’Connor and Terry Kirwan won 4 & 3

Jim Graham and Pearse O’Brien won 5 & 4

Another great result

Two more matches to go in our division 

Terry Kirwan 

Team Captain



Result of today’s Super Seniors match at home to Newlands was Buttermountain 3.5 Newlands 1.5

Ray Dunne & Michael O’Sullivan lost 3&2

Hugh Behan & Gerry Brady’s game was halved

Jim Graham & Leo Mahon won 1up

Brendan O’Connor & Terry Kirwan won 4&3

The winning point was clinched on the 18th hole by 

Brian Campbell and Pearse O’Brien

Another great win in a tightly contested match 

Terry Kirwan 

Team Captain


ROUND1 - AWAY to EDMONDSTOWN Play by Thurs 11th April

Edmondstown 2 Butter Mountain 3

Ray Dunne & Michael OSullivan won 6 & 5

John Hopkins & Joy Reid won 4 & 3

Jim Graham & Leo Mahon lost 2 & 1

Brendan O’Connor&Terry Kirwan lost 2& 1

Hugh Behan & Gerry Brady had a great victory winning on the 18th 1 up

Overall a great away  victory  

Terry Kirwan: Team Captain

ROUND 2 -HOME to NEWLANDS Play by Tuesday 7th May
ROUND 3 - HOME to FOREST LITTLE Play byTuesday 28th May
ROUND 4 - away to POWERSCOURT Play by Tuesday 18th June
ROUND 5 - HOME to CASTLE Play by Tuesday 2nd July

Open to members over 70yrs . Team Manager: Terry Kirwan, assistant team Manager: Leo Mahon.

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