Wednesday 12 June 2024

Match Play 2024

 Live Singles Draw     Live Scotch Foursomes

Scotch Foursomes: 

  • Both players in a team tee off Blue Tees , Choose preferred ball & Play alternate shots until completion of hole.
  • All players in the match will individually calculate a Course Handicap (CH).
  • Each Team takes 60% of the lower CH and 40% of the higher CH and adds them together, this is the pairs playing handicap.
  • The full difference between the 2 teams handicaps will determine the number of shots given/received.
  • Please note the new indices on the back 9 holes ! !


Singles Match Play:

  • Play off Blue Tees: play off full Course Handicap on the day (laminated CH sheet is in Changing room and at reception). If player A has a 20 Course Handicap & Player B is an 18 CH, Player A would then get a shot on hole index 1 & Hole index 2. ( all other Holes would be off scratch).

 This years MatchPlay "enforcer" is Bernard O'Callaghan. 0860635954 contact Bernard asap if you're having issues arranging a match.

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